Current Projects

Three attached (subjoined) traditional homes on two levels, each one of distinct design.

The homes, intended for rental use, aim to attract guests seeking the peace and quiet found in a traditional cottage in the outskirts of Melidoni, a small village in the foothills of the White Mountains, far off the beaten tourist track.
All three homes  will have magnificent views of
1.    a scenic gorge with natural springs, just beneath the highest peaks of the White Mountains
2.    the sea at Georgeoupolis Bay
3.    the sea at Kalyves Bay

The houses are designed in such a way that all views are open and unimpeded. Sunlight fills every room all year round.
Although the houses are interconnected, this does not preclude a high degree of privacy. Guests are drawn to spend time outdoors on verandas and balconies, while each home has its own private garden at ground level, all of which provide increased living and sleeping space, and encourage outdoor living. While each home is essentially a private retreat, plans are afoot to create a lovely garden in the forecourt for common use, where guests can barbecue, meet,  get to know one another,  even arrange joint excursions  .....
The houses are small (each with 70 sq. metres of living space), and set at different levels, in accordance with the placement patterns of village houses. Architectural features are chosen from old houses in the Apokoronas region, and villages around Rethymnon.