Welcome to Solid Stone House Company!

Solid Stone House is a small construction company, established in Crete since 2007, specializing in building stone houses.

We build houses which are

  • Earthquake resistant
  • Damp-free interiors
  • Totally completed quality construction at agreed cost
  • Build one at a time without haste

We design houses for our customers

  • Strictly traditional - best achieved by creating a faithful replica of an old house already existing locally. For such houses selection can be made from our large collection of photos and books on local architecture. We can use traditional materials hand crafted and processed to resemble the originals ( such as clay drain pipes on outer walls).

  • We may combine elements of traditional and modern homes. Such designs, for the exterior and interior of the house, will need to be discussed by appointment.

Our Goal

is to design your home in complete harmony with its natural and architectural surroundings, in such a way that it both reflects and respects its environment.

We want to work with customers who share this aspiration.

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